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Beckstoff Law Group prefers to purchase accounts receivables directly from companies in highly regulated industries. We have one of the highest recovery rates in the business to business collections industry which allows us to pay more for your receivables.

BLG only pursues business to business unpaid debts. Businesses do not have protection laws against attorneys or collections and we are often able to salvage intellectual property and other assets out of a debtors bankruptcy.

When it comes to debt collection, being local is not critical. The effectiveness of a commercial collection firm is determined far more by the background and training of the collectors, the collection approach, persistence, timely follow-up, and understanding exactly why a debtor is not paying past due amounts. Most of this work is done over the phone or by fax; most research is done via Internet and phone – so location is not a factor. BLG provides commercial collection services to clients all over the world who have debtors located in the United States.

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Our knowledge and strategy has helped many organizations to quickly and cost effectively collect past due accounts receivables.

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